Phone unlocking

Phone unlocking in Norwich

Mercury Communications was one the first places in Norwich to offer phone unlocking services. Bring your phone to us for unlocking and you will benefit from a wealth of experience and knowledge.

You can trust us to unlock your phone

Leroy at Mercury Communications is a veteran of the phone unlocking trade and has over 15 years' experience. When he started he was the first in Norwich offering the service and word quickly spread. Today there may be more competition but you'll struggle to find a more knowledgeable and professional phone unlocking service in Norwich. 
Phone unlocking in Norwich
If you require an expert phone unlocking service in Norwich

Call 01603 667 173
Quick phone unlocks

Quick unlocks at fair prices

We are able to perform iPhone unlocking as well as working on a wide range of other brands including
  • Nokia from £5
  • Samsung from £5
  • Sony Ericsson from £10
  • Blackberry from £10
  • HTC from £10
  • Alcatel from £10
  • Huawei from £10
  • Motorola from £5
  • Doro from £10
  • Network branded from £10
If your handset can be unlocked it is usually completed within 30 minutes but due to the complicated nature of handsets today, some server based unlocks can take up to 10 days to complete. Get in touch with us today to discuss whether your phone can be unlocked.
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